About SignalTimer

SignalTimer is a cutting-edge web application that showcases the power of custom-built solutions for traffic signal performance measures. Developed from scratch using Python, HTML, and JavaScript, SignalTimer offers a user-friendly, self-serve cloud platform that simplifies the process of turning high-resolution controller data into actionable insights.

About Me

SignalTimer was created by me, Shawn Strasser. I am a licensed Professional Engineer (PE) with expertise in traffic signal timing, data engineering, and machine learning. In addition to offering signal timing and data consulting services through SignalTimer, I work as a traffic signal operations engineer at a state transportation agency. This role provides me with valuable insights into the real-world challenges faced by traffic engineers, which I incorporate into the development of SignalTimer. To get a better understanding of my background and experience, view my LinkedIn, where I occasionally share projects I'm working on.

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